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A WhatsApp and an alleged infidelity, the letters asian porn of the defense of Farré

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 It was raised by lawyer Adrián Tenca on the third day of the trial. His strategy points to the accused acting under "violent emotion" by killing his wife.

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The trial for the country's femicide starts from a certainty: it is already proven that Fernando Farré killed his wife, Claudia Schaefer, in a house of Martindale with 66 stab wounds. Material authorship is not in doubt . However, on Monday, at the beginning of the judicial process, lawyer Adrián Tenca stood before the 12 jav members of the jury and raised a share of mystery. He said that during the hearings was going to reveal a hidden story that, he said, disturbed the conscience of Farré hours before the crime. This afternoon the veil of that part of the story began to run a bit.

On the third day of the trial, Tenca presented a WhatsApp conversation. It was during the statement of Paul, friend of the victim and godfather of one of his sons. The man had said that the couple …

Climate change: Donald asian sex Trump to take to the US Of the Paris Agreement

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The president would have already made the decision, and the White House is working on the small print of the announcement, which would mark a break with the G7 and the United Nations

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - US President Donald Trump plans to pull that country out of the Paris agreement, the largest multilateral agreement to mitigate the effects of global warming.

Trump's decision AV SM puts an end to a long process of deliberation in the White House, and, if it turns out, represents a victory for the populist wing of his government led by one of its top advisers, Stephen K. Bannon.

"I'm going to announce my decision on the Paris agreement in the coming days. Let's restore America's Greatness!" Trump bokep jav wrote on Twitter.
Trump then reiterated during a meeting in the Oval Hall of the White House with the Vietnamese Prime Minister Nguy? N Xuân Phúc, that "soon" would make a decision, and that he still listened to the two bells.

At least 90 dead and 400 wounded in asian sex massage Afghanistan bombing

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At least 90 people were killed and 400 wounded in a truck bomb attack on Wednesday in the diplomatic quarter of Kabul, marking a bloody start to Ramadan, the month of Muslim holy fasting. 
The attack, one of the most violent against this ultraprotected Jav AV area where there are numerous embassies, was carried out at peak hours and with great means.

"The explosion was caused by a water cistern containing more than a tonne and a half of explosives. It left a crater 7 meters deep," a jav free Western source in Kabul told AFP.

The explosive charge of the truck bomb was triggered by a kamikaze at 08:30 local time (04H30 GMT), according to the Interior Ministry.

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The explosion caused a powerful blast wave that caused numerous damages in the surroundings, According to aerial images broadcast by the Afghan channel Tolo.

The attack was not claimed until now nor is it well known what its purpose was. According to the US embassy in Kabul the explosion occurred "nea…