A WhatsApp and an alleged infidelity, the letters asian porn of the defense of Farré


 It was raised by lawyer Adrián Tenca on the third day of the trial. His strategy points to the accused acting under "violent emotion" by killing his wife.

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The trial for the country's femicide starts from a certainty: it is already proven that Fernando Farré killed his wife, Claudia Schaefer, in a house of Martindale with 66 stab wounds. Material authorship is not in doubt . However, on Monday, at the beginning of the judicial process, lawyer Adrián Tenca stood before the 12 jav members of the jury and raised a share of mystery. He said that during the hearings was going to reveal a hidden story that, he said, disturbed the conscience of Farré hours before the crime. This afternoon the veil of that part of the story began to run a bit.

On the third day of the trial, Tenca presented a WhatsApp conversation. It was during the statement of Paul, friend of the victim and godfather of one of his sons. The man had said that the couple was getting on badly, they were cold and revealed that she confessed to him that she was a victim of "psychological abuse." At one point Tenca asked if Claudia had a relationship with a co-worker. "No," replied the witness.
Then the lawyer insisted and showed him a WhatsApp conversation in which the witness and Claudia Schaefer spoke of a "Sebastian." She told him that they had gone out for a weekend, that they had a good time and told her that he "made her happy". Without saying so, the defense opened the possibility that hd jav the victim had a parallel relationship. However, the witness stated that he did not know Sebastian personally and that he had no knowledge of a sentimental relationship between them.


A WhatsApp and an alleged infidelity, the letters of the defense of Farré

Then it was the turn of Liliana Rodríguez Rossa, friend of Claudia, who admitted that there was a short relationship with Sebastian. It was after the defense showed a conversation between the two in which they talked about a sexual encounter. The witness added that "it was something temporary, it gave the joy that did not have in the house". And he pointed out that this happened when the couple was in fact separated, "sleeping in separate rooms."

Rodríguez Rossa's statement provided more details of pre-femicide violence. He said that Farré "humiliated" Schaefer, "I said fat when she was thinner than him" and detailed that "he treated her as if it were a piece of furniture in the house." He also described the accused as a "narcissistic man, who is in love with himself and who always despised everyone else, especially Claudia."

The strategy of the defense aims to raise the crime that was not premeditated, but Farré acted under a state of violent emotion. This could reduce the penalty if not, in case of being convicted of femicide, would be life imprisonment. Before, he will make an attempt to avoid imprisonment, raising the accusation of the defendant. All that will be solved in the voting that the 6 women and the 6 men who form the popular jury must make.

Between tomorrow and past will go to the Oral Court in Criminal 2 of San Isidro the witnesses called by the defense, to try to support the theory of an alleged "hidden history" behind the brutal crime of Claudia Schaefer.


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