At least 90 dead and 400 wounded in asian sex massage Afghanistan bombing

At least 90 people were killed and 400 wounded in a truck bomb attack on Wednesday in the diplomatic quarter of Kabul, marking a bloody start to Ramadan, the month of Muslim holy fasting. 
The attack, one of the most violent against this ultraprotected Jav AV area where there are numerous embassies, was carried out at peak hours and with great means.

"The explosion was caused by a water cistern containing more than a tonne and a half of explosives. It left a crater 7 meters deep," a jav free Western source in Kabul told AFP.

The explosive charge of the truck bomb was triggered by a kamikaze at 08:30 local time (04H30 GMT), according to the Interior Ministry.

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The explosion caused a powerful blast wave that caused numerous damages in the surroundings, According to aerial images broadcast by the Afghan channel Tolo.

The attack was not claimed until now nor is it well known what its purpose was. According to the US embassy in Kabul the explosion occurred "near the German embassy ... on a busy street."
The Afghan intelligence agency accused the jihadi network Haqqani, a Taliban ally, of having carried out the attack.

But the Taliban, who announced at the end of April the start of their "spring offensive," said on Twitter they were not involved in this Kabul attack, which they condemn "firmly." In the past, the Taliban did not claim attacks in which the number of civilian casualties was very high.

The jihadist Islamic State (EI) organization, Author of several bloody attacks in Kabul in recent months, did not speak for the moment.

"In this powerful attack, 90 people were killed and 400 wounded, including many women and children," the government media center said, while medical officials warned that the balance could worsen.

The victims included eleven Afghan security guards from the US embassy, ​​a US official in Washington told AFP.

In addition, an Afghan guard of the German embassy and a driver, also Afghani, of the BBC, a journalist of the Afghan channel Tolo 4 journalists of the BBC also were wounded.

The explosion was so strong that it shook a large part of the city, Causing panic among the population and breaking doors and windows. At the scene of the blast were scores of shattered cars.

Faced with urgency, the government asked the population to donate blood in hospitals.

Several embassies reported material damages, including those of France, Germany, Japan, Turkey, the United Arab Emirates, India and Bulgaria.

German Foreign Minister Sigmar squirting porn Gabriel said that "such attacks do not change" his "determination to support the Afghan government in its efforts to stabilize the country."

Berlin also announced the postponement of a charter flight that had to take back to its country to Afghan citizens expelled from Germany. Employees of the embassy in Kabul " Pentagon chief Jim Mattis said days ago that 2017 will be a difficult year for the Afghan army and for foreign troops deployed in Afghanistan. The United States, involved in Afghanistan in the longest conflict in its history, maintains 8,400 men along with 5,000 military of the allied states whose main mission is to train and advise the Afghan Armed Forces.

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