35 years old, beautiful Mothers 2 children battling electro orgasm bouts of torture in the late stages of cancer

Cancer is scary. And it came as a thunderbolt between mothers sky for 2 children, Deborah James. Until this moment, though did not give battle, but in the end, 35 women still faced with the sad reality: colorectal cancer that has spread to the lungs. Immediate choice for Deborah is a surgical operation AV Nurse to remove the tumor and chemotherapy schedule stronger, more painful. 

Deborah James took with 2 children.
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Shortly before Christmas, the doctors discovered a tumor the size of 6cm in rectal Deborah and determined her cancer is in stage 3. "Journey battle with colorectal cancer of me now has entered a whole new way. the disease moved to phase 4, meaning that it has spread to other parts of my body is lungs and immediate, "Deborah said. 

When Deborah and husband, Sebastien, notify son Hugo, 9, and daughter Eloise, 7 of them that she had cancer, the kids did not know the disease has metastasized. Mothers two children, said: "With children, cancer is only cancer alone. I will not start talking about me dying away like. The doctor has not mentioned it to me and said where I can be extremely lucky stars ". 

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Deborah also undergo chemotherapy and 6 months later, doctors discovered, cancer her mail has metastasized to the lungs. Surgery again awaits her.

Like many others of the same age, Deborah James also have examined many times and talked about the discomfort in the gut with a doctor. Her symptoms were initially identified as caused by irritable bowel syndrome (IBS). But within 6 months prior to diagnosis, Deborah detect blood in the stool and the situation increasingly worse.

Speaking on the first day of the campaign to raise awareness about the disease colorectal cancer, Deborah revealed, the news spread to the lung disease has just made her more determined to share knowledge for everyone. "The way I go increasingly more frightening. But if through it, I can help even one person only, avoid the things that I am facing, it is worth it. If I can help a woman mother other children do not face the thought never even seen their children grow up. thinking that, to me, this time, more and more real, and I do not want another mother to go through it . If my share to help someone recognize early signs of colorectal cancer and early diagnosis, I was completely satisfied. "

Young mother confessed, though initial diagnosis stage disease only say 3 but she always knew that it would attack the lungs. "I will have to maintain the spirit of optimism, but I know, things are so different now. Before, progressive treatment of positive, but now is really different. It was like a challenge more for I".

Mothers 2 children are diagnosed with colorectal cancer stage on December 3 years last, and underwent surgery to remove the tumor 6cm. 

Apart from increasing the dose of chemotherapy selection and surgery to remove the tumor, Deborah illness doctors also closely monitored in order to detect early position that the disease will spread. She said: "The doctor told me that he will do everything that humans have the ability to keep his life for me. At that time, I started crying. Doctors still believe can cure but that I could at any time. Journey that I was walking to the hides filled with uncertainty ".


Deborah in the picture shows the scar from the first surgery. 

As many people are struggling with cancer, Deborah admitted that she has started to write a list of the wishes of his life. But you started to write, she realized, most of which are expected she'd done when 60 years old. "You just wish he would accomplish these goals when entering the age of 60. In fact, I think I always think it is obvious, as tomorrow will come. Thinking will no longer tomorrow another way of looking at life make today and how you will live a different lot.

In 10 years, I hope, cancer stage 4 will be extremely rare. I hope we will reach milestones that will diagnose early enough to turn cancer into a disease that people can fully be cured, survived. I hope my children will never have to go through what I'm going through. I hope, someday, no one will have to go through something like this. "

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