Death is just because fuck machine the diet is too harsh

A strict diet includes only egg white protein powders and made Meegan Hefford, bodybuilding athletes 25 years of age living in Mandurah, Australia, death. 

Advantages and disadvantages of these methods of dieting 
7 dietary habits are not healthy 

Diet, women 30 to 70 old woman 

Death just because a diet too strict - 1

Meegan was discovered unconscious at home in June, after complaining felt "weird" and fatigue earlier. She was rushed to emergency but died the next day. Meegan Hefford known genetic disorder causes the body to stop the decomposition of protein intake. Megan has previously bodybuilding competitions without knowing about their illness. Her family is now calling for increased control over the food supply industry dieting and that should put a warning on diet high in protein.

Genetic disorder that causes the body to stop eating protein degradation is also known as urea cycle disorders, affecting 1/8000 people, can cause ammonia accumulates in the blood and to the brain overflow. This is a genetic disorder that prevents the body taken from the blood ammonia while ammonia is 1 toxins that can cause brain damage is irreversible, or death. 

After the death of Meegan, President Medical Association of Australia, Dr Omar Khorshid, said that people should have a diet balanced instead of "fool" the body to build more muscle mass as desired 

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