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Bekka Batchelor is one fiery cheerleader she was team boss waitress fired for too ... sexy! Bekka Batchelor AV Nurse fans outside the profession is a famous model in the UK. She once founded the modeling agency Doll UK. 

Together with his colleagues as Leah Torrington, Melissa McAllister, Molly Simmonds and Jodie Hall, and she was said to have too beautiful and makes the players lose focus. They were accused of leaving a phone number and relationship on the intimate with the players of the team specializes in Billericay Town sold. 
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This of course makes the millionaire boss of Billericay Town Glenn Tamplin not satisfied and forced to take measures to help mitigate the risks may affect the advancement path of the team he spent a lot of money. 

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An animator also beautiful no less Bekka and also was sacked 

Lord Glenn said that the animator was hired on to cheer the players, so they make the players were pale neglect from the football is, of course they would have to leave. 

Yours his personal page, the beautiful Bekka Batchelor expressed disappointment before deciding supposedly objective lack of boss Glenn Tamplin. 

She said sarcastically: "It's a shame because we worked as cheering other people but now no one cheering us all." 


While the beautiful girl fired, one source said without any public sanction against the players - who would also bear some responsibility for the actions "swinging" around. 

But one thing can be sure


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